Lit only by half dead candles, Maestro Leonardo Badzini scrawled feverishly on his parchment, oblivious to both time and the mess at his feet, thick with the bones of yet to be born cellos and failed music pages. “Tic… Toc…” a dark voice repeated inside his head.

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Nasser is an aspiring cellist with unfulfilled dreams of one day having the opportunity to play for the New York Phil. Unfortunately his mother got sick and taking care of her and his younger sister took over his life. It also lead to him splitting from his longtime girlfriend Alia, to spare her from the sadness that seemed to be all encompassing.

Walking through an outdoor market one day, Nasser makes a discovery that changes his life. An old cello from a store he never noticed before. The merchant offers him a price too good to be true and the promise of having an instrument capable of fulfilling his wildest dreams. Nasser buys the instrument, it’s time for him to do something for himself for a change.

Soon after buying the cello, a mysterious melody begins to haunt him, one that he feels compelled to play. And as he plays, his life begins to take a turn for the better. He gains notoriety as a cellist and he wins Alia back.

Nasser continues to obsess over the mysterious and enchanting melody, working to finish the entire composition. His friends intervene and that’s when the accidents begin…

Those that stand in the way of Nasser playing begin to die in horrific accidents. The melody persists like an evil muse, driving Nasser to stop eating and sleeping.

Nasser’s friends are finally able to awaken him from the “dream life” the cello promised allowing him to realize the nightmare his life has truly become.

With their help Nasser discovers the twisted history of his cello. It was created by a troubled craftsman in the 18th century with aspirations of fame similar to Nasser’s. The craftsman was convinced that he could have all the fame and fortune he could ever want, but in return he had to sacrifice everything that he loved. It was only from this true dedication that he could craft an instrument capable of playing a true masterpiece that would change the world.

The craftsman sacrificed everything, but when he was unable to complete the composition before his death, the curse was passed along to the cello’s new owner and a long line of tragedy followed.

This is the same composition that has been haunting Nasser. Now Nasser must race to finish the composition or lose everyone that he loves.

Jeremy Irons


nació el 19 de septiembre de 1948 en Reino Unido. Es un actor y productor, conocido por Inseparables (1988), El rey león (1994) y Assassin’s Creed (2016)

Tobin Bell


nació el 7 de agosto de 1942 en Queens, Nueva York, Nueva York, Estados Unidos. Es un actor y productor, conocido por Saw (2004), Arde Mississippi (1988) y La tapadera (1993).

Samer Ismail


nació el 8 de julio de 1985 en Homs, Syria. Es un actor y productor, conocido por The Worthy (2016), Born from the Flank: Wilada Min Alkhasira (2011) y Breaking Bones (Kaser Adem) (2022).

Elham Ali


nació el 31 de agosto de 1985 en Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Es una actriz, conocida por Bashar Shorts (2022), Bilal the Sixth (2021) y Cello (2023). Está casada con Khaled saqer desde el 22 de mayo de 2019.

Mila Al Zahrani


Mila Al Zahrani conocida por su papel en Funduq Al Aqdar (2021), Cello (2023) y Boxing Girls (2019).

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